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Super Squama 3805W-C (3Pack) (White)

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  • SUPER SQUAMA 38mm high performance fan! An epoch-making masterpiece which will rewrite the consumer level fan industry standard.
  • SUPER SQUAMA 38mm high performance fan! An epoch-making masterpiece which will rewrite the consumerlevel fan industry standard.

  • 38mm thickened fan, the inner wall is covered withaerodynamic dragon scale particles, which couldcomprehensively improve the air pressure, airvolume, and contribute to make it high performanceheat dissipation device!

  • Laminar boundary layer is prone to flow separation,resuting in greater resistance.Whilethe Squama dents is added the outer frame,the dent promotes turbulence transition.The turbulent boundary layer is not easy to flow separation,thus the resistance of theflowing air in the outer frame is reduced so that the air flow speed increases.The fictional resistance of turbulence is larger than that of laminar flow,thereforeTherefore, a better state can be obtained in terms ofinlet stability, and the noise reduction effect of blade and frame is better at high speed.

  • Two Ball bearings which improve theservice life of about 3 times comparedwith hydraulic bearings.Let you buy at ease, using at ease!

  • Special short cable for connection in series makesconnecting no longer confined. Say goodbye tothe long and messy cable,it is easy to create streamline cable!