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Squama 2501W-C (3Pack) (White)

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PLU NO#:A0900-1000-/0A63
  • Squama2501,High-performance entry-level low noise fan
  • High efficiency 9 dragon scale low noise blades and 8 high-light leds with soft lighting effect evenly spreading to creat colorful chassis easily.

  • Thin frame covered with unique aerodynamics & high performance dragon scale particles,the texture could be improved as well as the energy efficiency.

  • Laminar boundary layer is prone to flow separation, resuting in greater resistance.While the Squama dents is added the outer frame,the dentpromotes turbulence transtion.The turbulent boundary layer is not easy to flowseparation,thus the resistance of the flowing air in the outer frame is reduced,so thatthe air flow speed increases.The frictional resistance of turbulence is larger than that oflaminar flow,therefore Therefore, a better state can be obtained in terms of inlet stability,and the noise reduction effect of blade and frame is better at high speed.

  • The fan is adjusted by global dynamic balance for betterprotection of product performance and service life.

  • Four corners textured shockproof rubber stands design