Geometric Future

M2 THE ARK (Silver)

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M2--Geometric future‘s new architecture and half open-framed PC case,Powerful visual effects  Incomparable modeling to create exclusive personality case.

Case Type:Mini tower case

MaterialSteel T1.0mm+1.5mm, Tempered glass T2.0mm,Plastics

Product Dimension(height*width*length):

440mm*330mm*280mm(440mm*275mm*245mmexcluding the side panel) 17.3" *11.8" *11.0"/17.3" *10.8" *9.6"

Drive BayMax.: 3.5" /2.5" *1+2.5" *1 slot

Motherboard compatibility: M-ATX, ITXMax. power supply length (full modular cables)Vertical installation length<180mm, and horizontal installation length<160mm length:350mm

Thermal SolutionTop: 120 / 140mm fan x1Front side: 120mm fan x 3/140mm fan x 2, Side: 120mm fan x 3/140mm fan x 2, 360mm water-cooling radiator (with a length<399mm)360mm water-cooling radiator (with a length <399mm)

HUB specificationsUSB-A (10Gbps) ×3 + Type-C (10Gbps)×1, MIC/SPK

CPU HeatsinkHeight <172mm