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Eskimo Junior 24

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PLU NO#:A4320-4800/0

.skimo junior,All-in-one liquid cpu cooler,including 240mm.Equipped with special make Squama 2503B series "Bucket" fans with excellent cooling performance and low noises.

.Equipped with special makeSquama 2503Bseries "Bucket" fans with excellentcooling performance and low noises

.High light & Micro-arc top cover and the drill cut water block shell of anode aluminum alloy, Excellent texture!

.The narrow and soft RGB apertureis low-key and elegantas you can see!

.55*55mm large size heat conductingcopper bottom.High density and microchannel copperbase could make the heatconduction of CPU more efficiently!

.High density & low volatility rubberwith Nylon braided sleeve toprolong theservice life of the water-cooled tube.

.Dual-platform fully compatible with CPUsocket (including LGA1700),cover all the bases and install as you wish.

.Magnetic suction and multi-modeARGB controller,the RGB vary accordingto your will,gracefully and freely!