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Eskimo igloo 36

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PLU NO#:A6210-6900-1

.Equipped with geometric future's performance level squama 2503B fan ,easily get  both the performance and appearance.

.Equipped with geometric future's performance level Squama 2503 fan,easily get both performance and appearance.

.The inner wall and the blade are covered with aerodynamic dragon scale particles which brings powerful air volume and air pressure,and effectively improve the efficiency of heat dissipation!

.The aluminum alloy water block with drilling and cutting process is built in with low noise performance fan which contributes to the CCHA heat dissipation and circulation in the CPU core heat collecting area, effectively protecting the service life of electronic components and SSD on the motherboard.

.The magnetic suction and removable cover of the water block could be reversed freely. The high-density mesh can effectively reduce noise and dust.

.55*55mm large size heatconducting copperbottom.Accurate coverage to improve the efficiency of heat dissipation!

.High density microchannel and low resistance fins could make the heat conduction of CPU more efficiently!

.Independent and external high speed & low noise micro pump to effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

.High density & low volatility rubber with Nylon braided sleeve to prolong the service life of the water-cooled tube.

.Dual-platform fully compatible with CPU socket (including LGA1700),cover all the bases and install as you wish.

.Magnetic suction and multi-mode ARGB controller,the RGB vary according to your will,gracefully and freely!